Improve the Performance of your Content with Google Analytics

Improve the Performance of your Content with Google Analytics

So you have a content ready and you are all set to post it on your website or blog. But are you really sure about your content performance. Most of the writers are still not aware about the secrets that Google has stored when it comes to publishing. Talking of which analyzing content performance is one of them. It is important to plan your content strategy well in advance depending upon the data available. You must see to it that your content marketing is well measured and for this, Google Analytics can definitely play the best role. Remember, with a data driven approach like this, you not only can garner the best solution but also generate the meaningful content to target the audience.

If you have ever researched on content strategy tips, you might have noticed that most of the search engines will show the importance of starting with purpose or objective. Along with understanding the target audience, it is important that you stay consistent when it comes to brand tone, messaging and language.


Improve Content performance and Target More Audience

Tips to review your Analytics Data:

  • Know the content topics that usually your target audience search
  • Understand the right time to connect the audience
  • Know the right type of social platform where you can target the audience
  • Know the device which your reader would prefer mostly to read your content

How to Analyze the Content Using Google Analytics

The best way to analyze the content performance is by observing the nature of your readers or say visitors who would be visiting your site. Wondering what is Google Analytics? Well, you are on the right page. It is the presentation to understand your site status. Remember, it is categorized in two sectors through which you can find what your visitor is doing online and secondly, how you can engage them with the brands available on the site. These sections are called site content and site search which is found in Google Analytics Platform.

Know more about Site Content:

  • Pages: With this report, you will be able to understand which all pages are frequently visited on the site. It gives you the performance evaluation depending on the content on metrics like bounce rate, page views, unique page views and average time on page to name a few.
  • Content Drilldown: It helps for sites that usually contain subfolders. With this, you can check different sections on the site and then analyze the performance in each. It is used mostly to review the blog content separately from the web copy or the cart section.
  • Landing Pages: Under this section you get the information about the engaging users that are usually on first page of site. It also give you the data on number of goal that are completed and the conversation rate through which you can see if your landing page is useful for the readers
  • Exit Pages: The outflow of the site is derived from the exit pages. It might have been viewed for more than one page on the site.

Moving on to other section which is Site Search, let us explore some benefits of the same:

With site search, you get the details of what user is usually searching on the site. The focus here is to search the term report that can tell you what content mostly user is looking for in your website. With the data that you get from this, you can create your future blog post or edit the one by adding up some additional information.

Remember, these Google analytics ways can certainly improve the content performance. So go ahead and use such data-driven approach of our wonderful digital marketing

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