Explore the Difference between Graphic Design and Web Design

Explore the Difference between Graphic Design and Web Design

Graphic design VS Web design, most of us might not even know that there is a thin line of difference between both these design portals. Even though these two fields may appear similar at first glance, there are some significant differences between graphic design and web design. They are often bundled together into the same creative part, but there are some vast distinctions between the two and each provides a unique and individual purpose.

But first of all, you should know what these two concepts are then only you will understand the difference between the two. Checkout the better concept on graphic design and web design:

  • Graphic Design:

It is all about creating graphics, typography, and images that can present to your work for marketing purpose.  It is simply a digital graphic which is showcased through some creative brochures, posters, and any other branding material. Graphic designers do not need any kind of programming to design.

  • Web Design:

Web design means perfection with certain limitations. A web design can even be referred as a technical graphic design which should make a website load fast and run well. Web design includes size, screen, resolution, and many other things that can make a web design into a running website.

Differences that are Worth Noting Down:

There are some key differences between graphic design and web design. Let us have a look at these differences below:

  • Resolution:

It means the quality of the image used in the web design and graphic design. The resolution of the image is measured in terms of pixels. This is one of the main differences. In graphic design, it may not be necessary to take pixel perfect images. In web design, it is important to have pixel perfect image.

  • Image Files:

Image files are of two types – JPEGs and GIFs. Images with JPES format makes the image crystal clear and retains the color. Images with JPEG and GIF format play a different role. JPEG image may appear uncertain whereas GIF may appear rough. So, when working with graphic design, you can make the images work in any form, JPEG is default as well as preferable. When working with web design, GIFs works best with images having some kind of the color variations.

  • Fonts:

This is the important and main difference between both the types of design. When working with graphic design, the final design will display font that would be specified during the design process. Even if there is some font error in the brochure, a reader won’t put it back without reading. But in web design, the font can be changed, he can add error free font so the website appears differently.

From this, you get a clear idea about the differences between graphic design and web design.

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