White Hat SEO V/S Black Hat SEO – Recognize the Difference

White Hat SEO V/S Black Hat SEO – Recognize the Difference

For every business, web pages, blogs are incomplete without SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the very impactful factor for any website. If you want to reach a top ranking on the search engine, then you should definitely have to do SEO. While doing SEO, you should have to know about serious facts about SEO. There are two elements of SEO known as ‘White Hat SEO’ and ‘Black Hat SEO’. Let see what exactly that is –

  • White Hat SEO –
  • White Hat SEO is the way of optimization which follows all rules and regulations of the Google. It is ethical part of SEO. In White Hat, everything is right and on record.
  • White Hat runs naturally and promotes the site in a proper way. There is nothing illegal associated with its process to create SEO.
  • In White Hat, content is important. White Hat provides quality content which really wants to read by viewers. This is a real intention and actual way to the reach people.
  • White Hat SEO is time and effort taking SEO, because it gives useful and quality content. It creates guest posts, blogs which is very informative. But positive thing is that it shows long-term results.
  • It is just a kind of organic promotion with high quality content. White Hat SEO depends on the activity of searching made by humans, not machine searching.
  • White Hat SEO is well structured. It requires the use WordPress or any strong Content Management System for your site.
  • White Hat SEO uses strong keywords and phrases which accurately represents your page and use as Meta tags.
  • White Hat SEO builds an inbound linking. This means other websites will link your useful links if they want.
  • Black Hat SEO –
  • Black Hat SEO is completely opposite to White Hat SEO. It goes against Google’s rules and regulations. It is an unethical part of SEO. Sometimes, it may be off the record.
  • In Black Hat SEO, there is lack of quality content and lots of hidden content. Not useful or readable content in the Black Hat SEO.
  • Black Hat SEO depends on the machine and artificial searching and not on the people doing the searching. It is called ‘Cheating System’.
  • Black Hat SEO gives quick turnaround results. But it’s not the long-term effect. This SEO leads to short-term results which are not profitable.
  • The content of Black Hat SEO is completely stuffing and spamming with lots of keywords and meta tags.
  • It is a type of boosting or paying to other sites to link to your sites and get more clicks.
  • Link Farming is mostly used in Black Hat SEO, it means linking with the sites which will be of no use.
  • In Black Hat SEO, scraping and copying of other peoples content on your site is followed. It creates keywords like rich links using trackback spam.

After all, it depends on you which type of SEO you have to use. Sometimes, you want quick results and you don’t want any quality content, then you can use Black Hat SEO. However, this will have a negative impact on your business if you do it on frequent basis. Quality content is important as it generates more leads. If you want fruitful and long-term results for your sites then use a real way through White Hat SEO solution.

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