How New Voice Search Technologies Affect SEO

How New Voice Search Technologies Affect SEO

Technology changes every day. There is something innovative happening in the digital world. There is a change in every minute aspect of the digital platform. Be it social networking sites, different websites, SEO process, changes on the internet and much more.

As there are changes taking places in the SEO, the new technique voice search is developing a category of its own in the SEO world. But first of all, you have to understand how this technology works and how every voice search assistant performs differently, just like different search engines perform.

The proper voice search technology optimization is very important. There are many ways to optimize voice search technologies. Following are some ways to optimize voice search technologies:

As voice technology stands today, in spite of data limitations, there are 4 valuable things you can do to exploit on this emerging SEO category.

Optimize Your Local Search Presence:

Many voice demands are about asking for the greatest place or business to visit or use, but users normally don’t know exactly where they want to go when searching. This creates a chance for marketers. Local search is largely about vicinity, so make sure that your business is upgraded by Google and other search engines to help users find directions or search your business hours. For more local search help, local SEO specialists from Search Engine Watch have provided a lead to boost your local search listings with best practices.

Use Improved Language in Content:

When people search on a desktop or mobile device, the audience usually types a search query like ‘’someone’s age’’, but if they were saying a voice search request, then they would probably use a more natural way of wording it like, “What is his age?’’ People talk to their voice assistant technology as if it’s a human. They use normal language that they would use as if they were asking a friend or a family member that similar question. Though a voice assistant is made out of metal and has a manmade encyclopedia for a brain, it will try to respond like a human.

Add Schema Markup:

Schema markup has been established to make the voice search experience well because you help search engines better understand what is on a page and spread that information to users. You can utilize diverse schema markup contingent on your website and its CRM editing abilities, along with which search engine you are optimizing. To benefit direct you on which schema you can utilize, Structured Data Markup Helper can help lead you to success.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly:

Most of the people use their mobile device for voice search requests. This makes it essential for your website to be mobile-friendly in order to increase voice search traffic. To get started, the Google mobile-friendly test or Google Search Console can help you get a feeling of whether your site requires improvement in this part.

In its existing state, voice search can give helpful assistance for easy questions and tasks, but as it changes, it will become more sophisticated and efficient in delivering advanced and complex tasks. Voice search technology will collect massive amounts of information, permitting it to know that you want before you even ask for it.

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