Logo designing v\s Branding: Things you need to Know

Often, people get confused between logo designing and branding when they come across the term Graphic Designing. To avoid this confusion you need to know its accurate concept.. Let us take a look at the major difference between Logo Designing and Branding.

Understand In-depth about Logo Designing:

• The primary thing you need to do is to understand about Logo designing. Whether you are looking for logo design, India based services or anywhere else, you must have a clear concept about it.
• Remember, logo is the face of your company or organization. Most importantly, it is your profile that needs to have a perfect blend of creativity and purpose.
• A logo is a graphical design in the form of signs, symbol, emblem, icon, a sign that together forms a brand.
• Generally, customers quickly gets attracted towards a picture or visual rather than text, so if you want to attract target audience to your product or service then you should have an innovative design of a logo.
• A well-designed logo be easily remembered or must connect with target audience sentiments depending upon their connection with the brand. By designing a logo, you create a medium to communicate through a brand and represent a brand itself for the whole business.
• A logo is the most valuable brand identity and strategically important part of the branding plan.


• Branding is a process that creates a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind. Designing a brand means creating a communication strategy that helps you to discover your passion and skill.
• A brand is a conceptual element; the interaction and communication of a business that includes the message, the positioning, and the marketing.
• Branding has objective to establish a major and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains faithful customers.
• Branding is not only catching the attention of the target audience to select you over the competition but about it gives you the prospects to see your business as the sole supplier of a solution to the audience problem or need.
• Branding is an expression of who you are as a company or organization and what you offer to the customers.

The combination of creative logo and brand designing can help you effectively and efficiently to reach your target audience, communicate your message, your value, and avail all the benefits as visually it creates more interest.

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