Expand your Business with Brand Style Guide and Earn Reputation

For any company, it is important to have a brand recognition. If your brand is popular, then customers will definitely get attracted towards your company’s profile. In brand strategy, you have to create your brand style guide. You must be wondering what brand style guide is? Let us see and understand in-depth about the concept of a brand style guide.

Brand Style Guide: A One Stop Solution for all Your Business Problems

A Brand style guide is the group of standards that identify a branding technique of your company. This group includes the logo, view point, colour scheme, grammar, visuals, and much more aspects. It’s like a standard sample for the general or specific purpose.

For brand style guide, a company has to introduce its brand first. Then it can generate brand style guide keeping clarity above their target audience demands.

There are Some Essential Factors of Brand Style Guide:

  • Logo: You should have to decide your logo that can be catchy yet easy to remember. Shape, colour, space, size etc., of a logo should be equal in different aspects be it on a big poster or a small brochure. It must look same in the different sources wherever used. Brand style guide ensures that logo is used in a way you created while delivering the purpose to the customers. With brand style guide you can also check stretching, altering, and re-alignment of the logo.
  • Brand: You can explore your brand through brand style guide. It’s like a presentation of your brand to your target audience or customers. Through brand, you can introduce your company’s Vision, Mission to the world.
  • Typography: One of the important parts of Graphic Designing is typography. Typography includes alignment, spacing, headlines etc that makes the end result look professional yet creative. It is important to see different fonts in typography that looks quite creative.
  • Imagery: You have to decide which photos and illustrations are perfect for your brand. Brand style guide gives you the right direction for choosing images which are different from others.

A brand style guide is significant for every company. For positioning, marketing and branding brand style guide is necessary. It is a team effort for which each member of your

Company must come up with some creative ideas and unique concepts. For promoting your brand innovatively you must follow and construct your own brand style guide.

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