Uncover Some Powerful Features for Creating Interactive Catalogs


There are different catalogs for your online documents. With the help of these catalogs, you can make your website, brochure, an even any of product to be sold more creative. Nowadays, numerous catalogs are available for online media. Leave traditional documents behind with digital catalog software. Provide your customers or readers with a whole new level of creativity. Create online catalogs that your customers would love to browse often just like the real ones and convince them to purchase right from its turning pages.

Here are some features that will help you convert your PDF catalog into HTML5 and make them accessible anywhere, anytime.  Checkout some amazing catalog features given below:

  • Make Your PDF’s Web-Friendly:

By converting your PDF’s into HTML 5 format, publisher modifies your catalogs for the web. Your customers don’t have to download anything; they open a catalog just by clicking a link.

  • Place Edited Links Anywhere on the Catalog Pages:

Online catalog creator detects and transfers links from your PDF’s. However, if you need to add, remove, or update links when editing an HtML5 catalog, you can easily do so.

  • Embedding Videos:

You can add YouTube or other videos to the pages of an online catalog. Simply select the area where a video should be embedded and copy and paste the link to it.

  • Make Your Catalogs Instantly Recognizable:

Customize the look of your catalog to give it more class with the company’s style. You can add your company logo, your own background image and much more.

  • Choose Your Way of Online Hosting:

One of the efficient service through which you can make your more user-friendly and easily available to the viewers is through online hosting. Hosting comes in two types that can prove beneficial to your business namely:

  1. Self-Hosting – You can take full control over your catalogs by hosting them on your own server. You will be able to export the catalog files or upload them to an FTP server without leaving the software.
  2. Cloud Hosting – You can publish, manage, and update all the catalogs by yourself, without doing any coding.

Share Your Catalogs Everywhere on the Web

  • Email Catalogs:

Just paste a link to a catalog instead of attaching heavy PDF files. Whether you need to send a large catalog to your clients then it is no longer problem.

  • Meet Your Customers’ Midway:

Post a link to your HTML5 catalog on Twitter or Facebook to drive more leads and more orders. This will help you grab more attention of even those readers who had just a basic knowledge about product and services that you sell.

  • Show Your Catalogs on the Website:

The embedded document will drive more attention than a simple link. Provide simple embed codes for all websites and a special plugin for WordPress.

By using such different catalog features you can make your company’s different platforms more attractive. It will help you gain more customers while improving the reputation of your company in the market.

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